Step inside Stephen and Kelly’s Mt Waverley home – Part 2


After dedicating nearly 12 months to thorough research and meticulous design of their dream home, the next exciting phase for Steven and Kelly was the construction process. ‘It was our first time going through it (the build process), there was a lot to learn, and a lot of details, and in retrospect I really, really appreciate that’, Steven remarks. ‘Because what that meant was, once the actual build was happening it was just such smooth sailing’. 

We had really good site managers, they would invite us to come and have a look’, Kelly adds.
Although they lived close-by, Steven and Kelly didn’t have time to visit the site regularly, so it was up to the site managers to communicate. ‘They were fantastic’, says Steven.


From the communication we received from Carter Grange…very open and honest and it gave us confidence that everything would be ok,’ explains Kelly. Throughout the whole process, ‘each stage was tackled in a very timely manner, so there were no really big delays’.



Talking to Gerald about their tips for people ready to build, Steven offers, ‘Good communication’, trust ‘word of mouth’ and engage with a builder that offers ‘a process and a mechanism that you can put your confidence in’. Steven and Kelly’s custom build is currently utilised by Carter Grange as one of their many show homes, based in Kemp Avenue, Mount Waverley.

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