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Our Story

Jacqui & Dimitri

20 March 2019

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Our Story

Doug & Pam

2 February 2018

“Myself, and my husband Simon, have had the pleasure of dealing with Molly during our interiors selection process with Carter Grange. It’s not often that a positive customer service experience gets noted, so on this occasion, I wanted to formally acknowledge Molly, and how awesome we think she is!

She has been delightful to deal with, a smile on her face always, and very patient and considered during the process. She has always acknowledged our questions & queries in a very timely manner, which in turn has helped to remove some of the stress during what has been an intense overall process for us.

I’m sure we’re not the first clients to acknowledge Molly, and we certainly won’t be the last. She is an asset to Carter Grange and I hope that her excellence can be rewarded more formally.

Kind regards,


22 September 2017

“I just wanted to send you a note to ask you to pass on my thanks to all the team at Carter Grange who has been involved in the build at number 47.

We chose to build a second home with you because of the great experience we had the first time and the result second time around was exactly the same. A seamless process and an amazing finished product! We just couldn’t be any happier with how the new home has come up.

Everyone at CG has been a pleasure to deal with from the early planning stage right through to completion. Your process with the colour selection, joinery and electrical appointments really made it easy for us and ensured the end result met our expectations.

Please pass on my sincere gratitude to Nick John, our site supervisor. Once again nothing was a problem and every request was handled in a prompt and professional manner. He is a credit to your company and certainly makes the client experience a very enjoyable one.

I wish you continued success and look forward to building number three with Carter Grange one day!”

Andrew Baker

22 September 2017

“Hi, Dannielle, Amanda and Ben,

I just want to let you guys know that I’m super impressed by the service at Carter Grange thus far in the journey.

You guys have really excelled my expectations and also some of your competition that I’ve been dealing with regarding this property and build.

Let me assure you that you guys are a cut above the rest.

A big slap on the back for all three of you so far. Really delighted in the experience.

The design is on point and very well thought out and you have really done well to interpret what my wants are and formulating them into some really well thought out plans.

The initial appointments and process have been seamless and the communication has been transparent and painless.

Looking forward to working with you guys further on this project and other projects in the future.

Please help me pass this note onto your team leaders!”


September 2017

“Afternoon Gerald, It’s been so long since we last spoke to you so I’m not sure if you’ll remember me. My family and I are the ones building at 5 Meek Street in Brighton.

We had a handover meeting with Nick J and got our keys just Tuesday past so I wanted to send you an email to say thank you. I believe I have personally thanked everyone I’ve come into contact with but I’m certain that there is an army of others working tirelessly behind the scenes that I’d like you to pass our immense gratitude to. Many remain nameless and faceless to us but we still think of them and include them in this email of thanks.

Your drafting team is exceptional. They interpreted our wish lists so well and recommended some very clever ideas. It was exciting to see the drawings come to life and the finished product turned out better than expected. We love our new homes. We love that we were able to design it with our personalities and living styles in mind. We love how understanding and accommodating everyone in CG was so that we could truly build our dream houses.

Thank you for also being flexible and generous during our pricing meetings. Building a dream home comes at a cost and we appreciate that you were able to assist us in meeting our budget.

Lewis and Haylee were our rocks during the design and planning stage. They guided us through so wonderfully and patiently.

So very sorry if we took some of our frustrations with Bayside Planning out on them. Getting that approval finally was like winning tattslotto and we hope that Lewis and Haylee know how much we appreciated their time and patience during that difficult process. I don’t think we expressed that enough to them.

Now to Nick J and his crew. What can I say here? Getting assigned this guy
was truly the jackpot! Let’s just say dealing with our family of 6 grown
adults who’ve each heard horror stories of building from their own sets of friends – is no stroll in the park. But he managed us well. Always reliable, trustworthy and dependable. But more importantly, we felt he cared. Despite this probably being his 100th house, he never forgot that this was the first time my parents had built. So patiently he would answer the same questions over and over and diligently, he would follow up on all our fussy requests. He was always accomodating where he could be and so we quickly learnt to trust him because he evidently cared about doing the job right.

Anthony and I have built before so we know how much the site supervisor impacts on the build experience. Thanks to Nick, it was a very enjoyable journey. We understand he’s moving to a different role so we wish him all the very best.

Actually Gerald, we wish each and everyone in your company the best. We look forward to making great memories in our new homes and we’ll always remember who built them with fondness.”

Ling and Anthony

“Through every stage of the design and building process we have been impressed with the professional support Carter Grange have shown us. Our opinions and intentions have always been met with respect and understanding. We have never been told something was too hard, or not possible, which has given us complete confidence. We feel we have been involved in a partnership to create something really unique.

We were won over initially by the high level of craftsmanship and quality of finish throughout the Carter Grange display homes. There were so many design elements included as standard within the Carter Grange homes, that we wanted to incorporate into our new home. We were sold when we then realised Carter Grange had the knowledge and flexibility to create a completely custom design for our family.

We have had such an easy and enjoyable journey with Carter Grange. The end product has exceeded our expectations and CG have done an amazing job bringing our design to life, creating a beautiful quality home for us to enjoy.”

Amanda & Matt

June 2017

“The Carter Grange experience is a ‘measured-not-pressured’ process of moving through the build and the myriad of decisions that need to be made. The Carter Grange people are quick to establish a trusted relationship and can be relied on to give excellent advise and guidance. Nothing was too much trouble and their patient attention to detail led to a much better home.

This is the third owner builder project for Marg and I and far and away the best experience and highest quality build we have done. We couldn’t be happier with the Carter Grange process and the quality of the end product. We would have no hesitation building with Carter Grange again and can confidently say the Carter Grange Experience is second to none. Thank you to the Carter Grange Team for your great work.”

Peter & Marg

9 April 2017

“From our very first meeting with David and our coffee with Gerald, to the hand-over with Simon yesterday, it has been a remarkable journey and we thank you all very much for the part you have played in the development of our new homes.

It feels quite amazing and a little surreal to reach this stage and except for a few issues that we are confident will be addressed in the coming weeks, we can now hopefully leave you in peace.

What was a mere thought a couple of years ago, in fact pretty unlikely, became reality late last night when Katherine, Mieke, Nicholas and myself stood outside the homes, with our front door keys.

Your understanding and appreciation of all aspects of customer service, that appears to form every facet of your involvement in the process, has been very much appreciated. Things can and will go wrong, but it is how the problem is managed that makes the difference.”

Geoff, Katherine, Mieke, Nick, Baron & Ryan

2 March 2017

“I chose to build with Carter Grange because I had noticed the speed of the builds in the local area and the use of Hebel; giving solid cladding. I also noticed how neat the building sites were.

My overall experience with Carter Grange was outstanding. All the staff were easy to deal with and very cooperative and understanding. They guided me through the stages, making recommendations and accepting my suggestions. I never had a problem or issue in the whole process.

The finished quality was terrific! The workmanship was of the highest standard and the overall delivery of the property came in on time and on budget – as expected. Carter Grange kept me informed on all progress and were excellent when dealing with my ‘whims and wishes’.

Carter Grange have strong relationships with their suppliers and were able to offer a high standard of support. Nothing was too much trouble and the team, including my site manager, dealt with any variations with ease.

I would definitely recommend Carter Grange to friends and I would love to build again with them. Having built in the past with other builders, I have found Carter Grange to be the best by far – in product and people.”


6 January 2017

“My husband and I would like to provide you with some feedback on our experience with Nick, who supervised the building of our home.

During the build, we found Nick to be extremely helpful, readily available, diligent and organised. He raised items with us for consideration that we might not have noticed until things were unable to be adjusted – and all items were really good suggestions. He was flexible, and willing to discuss and accommodate some out-of-the-ordinary items (such as an antique front door), and willing to be fair and reasonable when we raised some issues.

We lived in Brisbane during the build, which could have been a huge issue for us in terms of not being around enough to ensure everything was going according to plan. However, with Nick’s help, everything went smoothly. He sent us photos frequently, and kept in contact.

In the last 6 months, Nick has continued to be kind and accommodating to us with the delays we encountered – such as a mantle piece installation, and late installation of appliances due to the house not being occupied (we were waiting on the landscaping being completed which took about 4 months longer than anticipated due to the weather). We were aware that he would have liked to have everything completed and finalised (as we would have too!), but he continued to help us even though we probably just added to his usual workload with other builds.

So, we found the whole experience with Carter Grange easy and relatively stress free, and couldn’t feel more grateful and thankful to Nick. We would definitely like you to know that he is a wonderful asset to Carter Grange.”

Susan & Paul

9 December 2016

“Just wanted to say thanks to Glenn and David for their terrific service as Maintenance & Warranty Managers.

Every repair and inspection has been timely and repaired well, and they are both courteous people to deal with.

The tradies have been great as well that I have dealt with so a shout out to them as well.”


25 October 2016

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