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Our Story

Jacqui & Dimitri

20 March 2019

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Our Story

Doug & Pam

2 February 2018

A Big thank you to your outstanding team for building my dream home!

Nathan and I bought the block and modest house 12 years ago only because of the prime position. The new house is of such high standard that it certainly exceeds the high building standards in Brighton.

Every stage of the build has been so meticulously coordinated by your outstanding staff!

Carter grange has exceeded my expectations and I will highly recommend your company.

Big thank you to Dannielle who got the ball rolling and made sure we didn’t exceed our budget too much. She is just lovely! BTW we exceeded by $300K but that was my doing lol.

In my initial meeting with Arsen I wasn’t sure if he was up to the challenge to bring my drawing to life, but in the next meeting he just nailed it. He added the void and made every area of the home so luxurious and functional. Outstanding work ARSEN!!!

During the electrical meeting with Paul we had so many laughs. He is so good at what he does. I trusted him completely because electrical Is Nathan’s area but he couldn’t attend the meeting. We totally exceeded the budget again but it was well worth it and Nathan’s fault!

The design team were great to work with I knew exactly what I wanted and the girls did a great job with quotes.

Big Thanks to Darcy for putting up with my nagging. Such a nice guy and got the plans through council beautifully.

Jessie is truly amazing! Such a professional and a delight work with. Send her my love!


The house was scheduled to be built by 4/4/20 and the handover was 11 December 2019!!!!

Is this record breaking for Carter Grange??? Only 7 months of actual building a high end home. I had the pool installed so I delayed the start to the 8th May.

The 3 building supervisors were BLOODY AWESOME!!!!

I spent the most time with Josh Turnbull and he is the most amazing person. Nathan and I told him at the handover that he made the whole experience exciting, stress free and enjoyable. He delivered way ahead of schedule, nothing was too much of an issue for him. He is the biggest asset to your company. I’m still nagging him and he doesn’t seem mind. Still attending to things for me after hand over. Such a champ!!!! We love Josh!

I would also like to add that in all honesty I am not the easiest of people to please I’m really fussy and pay a lot of attention to detail. Nathan is the same so both of us challenged your team on many occasions and they were all so professional and found excellent solutions.

I really would love to have all of them to come over and see what they created, so I will be in touch in the New Year!

Please pass on a BIG THANK YOU to your team!

Nellie and Nathan

Dec 2019

Dear Leigh, Georgia, Nick, Jen, Sandra, Maddie, Molly, Frank, Gerald and team,

We want to thank you and everyone at Carter Grange for our sensational new house. We feel totally blessed and are still walking around on cloud nine.

From start to finish, the service provided by the whole team at Carter Grange has been genuinely exceptional – the best and most consistent service we’ve experienced from any company. There is so much complexity to building a new house and there will always be challenges and setbacks, but you guys made the whole experience as pleasant and painless as it could possibly be.

We have sent a selection of beverages to you via Georgia to express our gratitude, so we hope you can share them around. We will certainly be recommending Carter Grange to everyone we know.

All the best,

Alan and Rachael

June 2019

Fran and I can’t thank you enough for the time you have put into our project over the last couple of weeks.

Giving up your Saturday to come in and speak with us and walk us through houses is really going above and beyond.

Fran and I can see how passionate you are about your work and it’s obvious why you are so successful.

Fran and I have dreamed of having a Carter Grange home for a long time and the thought that it is now going to happen is too exciting for words and it’s because of you two.

I know Fran has expressed our thanks to you, but I wanted you to know how extremely grateful I am for making our dream a reality! Speak soon!


Vincent & Fran

March 2019

Dear Carter Grange Team,

We wanted to write a brief note to acknowledge the great work your team have been doing on the build of our new home in Glen Iris and in particular, compliment the quality of workmanship of the carpenters and framing team that have worked on our job.

We recently had a quality inspection done for the frame stage by Kevin at New Homes Inspection and his comments back to us were that our frame was “one of the best he’d seen for some time” and that he struggled to find any real issues with the works. These comments from Kevin, who has over 37 years industry experience, has reassured us that Carter Grange are doing a quality job and has given us confidence that the end result will be one that we will be supremely pleased with.

Can you please pass on our compliments and gratitude to our site supervisor, Darryl and the rest of the team who have been working on our build to date, and in particular a call out to the carpenters Tim and his guys for the efforts and diligence they’ve put in to achieve such accolades from Kevin.

Thanks again and here’s to looking onwards and upwards as we hit the next stages of construction of our new home.


Ryan & Vanessa

February 2019

Hi Gerald,

Hope you had a lovely festive break with family.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your assistance with our amazing new house.We ended up moving in just before Christmas and have been away a lot but I am looking forward to heading back to our new home next week and settling in!

The design (in and out) is just what we wanted and the layout perfect for us. Although the design is different to your normal builds- we are getting lots of great comments.

Drop by for a drink when you are in the area next!

Thanks again

Chrissy and Rod

January 2019

I should recall a story from last night that you can pass on.

We have a relative who completed a dual occupancy with another builder.

As I described our journey with Carter Grange so far his wife nudged him and said, “I told you we should have gone with them”.
He nodded in agreement.

It made us laugh.


November 2018

Whilst driving home we were talking about how great all of you (including your assistants) have been to deal with – appears nothing has been too much trouble,
We have really valued your advice and assistance … you have truly made this easy for us … (It’s a pity you can’t look after us all the way through …. )

All the very best and hopefully we will have the opportunity to work with you again during the build ..


Ange & Ian

October 2018

We were apprehensive doing this build via internet, skype, facetime, telephone, sms etc and we only visited the site 3 times during the build. (perhaps that helps!) Everyone told us it could not be done that way. It was great working with the team and you all did a terrific job at each stage. The professionalism is what stood out for me. I enjoyed meeting each one of you.

Steve and Vy

October 2018

Dear Michael,

I thought I’d let you know that we have had an incredible 3.5years in our magnificent Carter Grange home and we have decided we want to build again. In order for us to do so we will need to lease our home out for two years through an executive leasing agent.

After viewing our home, the leasing agent quoted a conservative anticipated rental income of $3,000pw although the uniqueness of the home’s design, quality finishes and Brighton Golf Course location (with pedestrian access) could see us achieving $3,300pw. Apparently a five bedroom, four bathroom home backing onto a Golf Course is every international executive’s dream. We have Carter Grange to thank for that so I thought I would let you know how grateful we are that we chose your company.

Next week we will give the leasing agent the go ahead to lease the property from Feb 2019. We have already started the search for another site, this time with a dual occupancy in mind.

Looking forward to working with CG again soon.



October 2018

Hi Michael,

We just wanted to write to you to let you know of our great experience so far with Carter Grange, especially with your two staff members Dannielle and John.

They have made us feel so comfortable and happy with the process so far and along with their extensive knowledge of overall choices/options.

Both of them have been accommodating in making changes in quick turn around times and also giving us ideas in making our dream home. There are many examples but here are a few…
Eg: John sourcing out a handful of companies for our steel door options and passing it onto your team members, what a champion!
Eg: Dannielle’s attention to detail in all our discussions documented which resulted in being efficient and not going over old ground.

They made us feel like friends whilst being professional and the conversations just flowed with lots of laughs and a lot of fun!

We are looking forward to the next phase in making a dream home.

Peter and Anita

September 2018

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