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Future-proof your new home
with energy efficient savings

We’ve developed a range of Energy Efficient Package options for you to consider with your new build. Giving you a home that is both better for the environment and saves you money in the long run. From solar panels to energy efficient appliance options, the choice is up to you.

By implementing passive environmental principals into your new custom build, you can reduce the reliance on gas and grid power, decreasing your home’s environmental footprint and reducing ongoing costs.


When it comes to creating an energy efficient home, many of the key decisions happen during the initial design phase. Everything from the position and size of your windows to the materials you choose to build with, they are all fundamental to your home’s environmental footprint and long-term energy efficiency.


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Here are some examples to consider:

  • The block orientation of your home to ensure you get maximum northern exposure in the communal living areas, especially in the winter.
  • The position of the garage crossover and wet area locations, again in regard to north orientation.
  • The style, size and position of windows to both ensure good sunlight exposure, but also adequate ventilation and cooling cross breezes in the summer.
  • The size of the home and number of rooms you require, as every extra square metre can impact your energy costs.

Energy efficient options

You can choose to integrate some or all of these passive principal options in your new home:

EnergyHouse Solar 01 EnergyHouse Numbers 01 EnergyHouse Solar 02

Solar panel system and inverter

Solar panels and an inverter allow you to create your own clean energy and offer ongoing benefits by reducing your carbon footprint, saving money on ever-increasing energy costs, and adding value to your home.

There is also an optional battery available that will store what your system has generated throughout the day, for use during evening peak hours and even during blackouts.

EnergyHouse Numbers 02 EnergyHouse HeatingCooling EnergyHouse Numbers 02

Electric ducted heating and cooling

This Australian made, one-system solution ensures energy is never wasted when it comes to heating or cooling your home. Multi-zone programming allows you varying temperatures in different rooms, rather than heating or cooling the entire house, both reducing costs and increasing your comfort.

EnergyHouse HeatingCooling
EnergyHouse Numbers 03 EnergyHouse Induction

Induction cooktop and under-bench oven

Induction technology uses magnetic currents to heat your pots and pans, and while it still uses some electricity, it is much less than traditional cooktops. Induction doesn’t need to heat up an element, nor does it need to be on as long, creating an easy way to cut some of your electricity costs.

EnergyHouse Numbers 04 EnergyHouse Insulation EnergyHouse Numbers 04

Upgraded ceiling insulation

While all of Carter Grange builds have thermal insulation in the ceiling and walls to meet the 6-star energy requirement, a further upgrade in your ceiling and walls will give you added protection and comfort. Your build will stay even cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter with the heat flow significantly reduced, backed by CSR Bradford insulation, the highest standard currently on the Australian market. For example, you could increase to R2.7 Hi-Performance (walls), R7.0 Hi-Performance (ceilings).

EnergyHouse Insulation
EnergyHouse Numbers 05 EnergyHouse ThermalWindows

Thermal break windows

This advanced technology improves energy efficiency and noise transfer by creating a space in your aluminum window or door frame. This space is a thermal break and reduces cold and hot air transfer by dividing the frame into an outside section and an inside section, offering up to 25 per cent energy savings. These frames do however have size limitations that need to be considered.

EnergyHouse Numbers 06 EnergyHouse TripleGlazedWindows EnergyHouse Numbers 06

Triple Glazed UPVC windows

The gold standard in glazing efficiency, triple glazed windows are commonly used in extreme cold climates. The three panes of glass prevent air from escaping, or air from entering your home, providing a much higher level of energy efficiency. There is also the bonus of outside noise reduction. Long-lasting and durable UPVC is used to frame the glass. These windows and doors are also Thermally broken.

EnergyHouse TripleGlazedWindows
EnergyHouse Numbers 07 EnergyHouse Ventilation

Ventilation and Heat Recovery System

Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, this system provides ventilation using filtered fresh air, but doesn’t sacrifice your homes inside temperature. Installed in the roof, the system is compact, quiet, and discreet, offering up to 87 per cent heat recovery. You can also choose to service just the bedrooms or your entire home.

We’re here to help. Please speak to our team if you would like to understand more about our energy efficient options for your new build on 1300 244 663.

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