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Feature Home: Milne, Templestowe 35 & 35

With a touch of majestic charisma, Milne, Templestowe 35 & 35 stands out from the crowd. This customised dual occupancy from Carter Grange combines the aura of prestige with a vibrant, luxurious lifestyle.

Why Choose Milne, Templestowe 35 & 35

The modern design of Milne, Templestowe 35 & 35 exhibits the elegance, while highlighting a structural finish. The strong identity complementing the aesthetic appearance is seamless throughout each floor plan, highlighting the modern yet practical design of the dual-occupancy contemporary homes.

The upstairs retreat makes the most of each space, with different customasiable options for each home.

This floorplan forms the basis of your original customised design which depicts your specifications.


  • Four Bedrooms
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Leisure area
  • Open plan living and dining area

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