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Feature Home: Field, Caulfield 30 & 29

Field, Caulfield 30 & 29 is a contemporary dual occupancy home with sleek features and finishes. Each individual floor plan includes smooth textures and colour palettes representing a minimalistic approach.

Why Choose Field, Caulfield 30 & 29

With the essence of multiple lifestyle zones and charm, Caulfield 30 & 29, is designed to captivate with the option to include featurs such as a private study, dedicated study nook, expansive activity room and guest bedroom with walk-in robe.

Both properties differ in floorplans, both contain features such as a staircase leading to the spacious upstairs level complete with three additional bedrooms, each with walk-in robes, with the shared bathrooms.

We give customised floor plans to suit your design intent, budget, and locality. This floor plan forms the base of your actual design.


  • Four Bedrooms
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Powder room
  • Private study
  • Living area

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Property Dimension (m)

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