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Feature Home: Balcombe, Beaumaris 24 & 23

Building a dual occupancy with the premier custom home builder Carter Grange unlocks equity in your land and helps secure your future. Balcombe, Beaumaris 24 & 23 represents two residences with a modern, innovative approach, each floor plan making the best use of the space while delivering a new level of luxury.

Why Choose Balcombe, Beaumaris 24 & 23

Each floor plan includes well-defined and balanced spaces, creating unique and modern homes. The Balcome offers fully customisable options, meaning you can create your dream space while also having an investment property right next door.

With features such as a spacious living room, well-organised kitchen with a large walk-in pantry and the option for a connecting dining area, these spaces really have it all.

This balanced design exhibits a sophisticated contemporary living with natural light and open plan living.

Our floor plans are customisable as per your location, budget, and design intent. This floor plan forms the base of your home.


  • Three Bedrooms
  • Two Bathrooms
  • Family and dining room
  • Leisure area

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Property Dimension (m)

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