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A rejuvenating, calm home environment is a dream for everyone as it can soothe, inspire, and bring out the creative side of people.

Are you planning to create the ideal home of your dreams and are searching for reliable luxury home builders near Mt Waverley? Do you want to create a unique home environment that empowers you and are searching for expert custom home builders near Mt Waverley?

We welcome you to Carter Grange – the name for modern, quality home solutions in Mt Waverley and inner city Melbourne suburbs.

As Melbourne’s leading custom home builders, our team combine our architectural knowledge with high construction standards to give all our clients the unique, spectacular, and durable homes they desire.

If you are unsure about what type of home you want, visit one of our show homes to see some of our home designs.

Multi-Stage Construction Service

As a leading destination for luxury home designs in Mt Waverley, we offer comprehensive service that helps you to be away from the headaches of legal procedures and the challenges of the construction process.

Carter Grange have satisfied the needs of our countless clients who want their ideal home or rental property to become a reality. There are many designs and customisable options for you to choose from.

Our construction service is a four-stage process with clearly defined goals, together contributing your dream home: consult, design, build, and handover.


As one of the prestige home builders near Mt Waverley, we collect a comprehensive range of information during the initial consultation.

We will analyse your requirements, perform a site visit and the required surveys. This not only assists us in understanding your land’s restrictions and opportunities, but this also helps us to give shape to your dream home from your thoughts and inputs. We will also conduct soil tests, arborist surveys, feature surveys, and analyse your land to evaluate its restrictions and opportunities.

Will the structure impact the surrounding trees? We analyse different data and communicate all the information to make the later stages smooth and hassle-free.


We will have a more detailed discussion that helps us to understand your thoughts on every inch of your dream home. What is your preferred floor plan? Do you want a single storey home or prefer a double-storey home? Do you want to go with a standard design or a complete custom?

As a premium builder with custom home designs near Mt Waverley, we offer designs from contemporary to classic to make your home reflect your lifestyle. You will also have the option to define the interior during the design stage – the shade, space, the texture, the lighting, and much more.


After the design and the quote are approved, we begin to arrange all the necessary permits associated with the construction, including the building permit, planning permit, and HIA building contract.

Whether you are after a dual occupancy property or a simple yet modern family home, our accredited team of trusted luxury home builders build homes that are far from being ordinary or generic.

We will source high-quality building materials from our trusted suppliers, bring our trades, and start constructing your dream home. An experienced site manager of Carter Grange takes control of the entire construction process. The site manager will regularly inspect and review the construction and update you on its progress.


Once the construction is over and both the interior and the exterior are completed, the site supervisor will arrange a final walkthrough with you.

This is done so you can see the final product for yourself and take note of any concerns you have about the house. Any issues you find can be easily rectified before we officially hand over the house to you. After you are happy with the home, we will complete the settlement and hand over the keys.

As a leading luxury builder near Mt Waverley, we design, construct, and deliver what is there in the minds of our customers. Every home Carter Grange design and build for our clients is unlike any other home in Mt Waverley or elsewhere.

Get A Free Consultation For Your Dream Home Today

Contact us today on 1300 244 663 to discuss your requirements with one of the most trusted custom builders of Mt Waverley. We can also visit our show homes located throughout Melbourne. It will help you to get more ideas for giving shape to your dream home and give proper knowledge about our construction standards.

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Please Note:
Build zone subject to change.
Carter Grange may consider building outside the build zone subject to site inspection. Please feel free to ask.

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