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A perfect home is an artistic visualisation that often combines various factors, from luxury to natural elements.

Are you searching for custom home builders near Hampton to build your perfect, dream home without any hassles during the construction process?

Welcome to Carter Grange – one of the luxury home builders near Hampton for quality construction services.

At Carter Grange, our team of experts will provide an end-to-end custom home designs and building services. The high standards we base our construction and architectural work on ensures that we build a stylish home for you that will last for a lifetime.

We will build your dream home with the following stages and take ownership of the entire construction process.


During your first meeting with us, we will explain all the comprehensive details involved, including the design requirements, your land size, budget, design needs, additional structures to the property, and much more.

As a prestige home builder near Hampton, we will conduct land surveys and collect all the information to ensure efficient use of your land size. We will also give a brief of the entire process, including various phases of construction, regular communication, and much more.

Do you have any questions about Carter Grange, our expertise, our past projects, or the construction process? We are happy to answer them.


During the design stage, we will sit with you and discuss your thoughts in detail to understand your requirements. You have something in mind and have specific needs/wants. Carter Grange can help you find out what inspires you. We want to help turn these into reality.

Carter Grange have pleased many homeowners by building the home they have always wanted in Hampton. We will suggest many designs and customisable options that you can choose from to make a house that suits your needs.

Based on your inputs, requirements, and budget, we will finalise the custom home design of your home that includes every aspect of it, from design to the exterior façade.


After the approval of the design and the contract, we will obtain the required building permits. This means you can forget the hassles related to council documents and house plans, and leave us to do the work.

Regardless of the type, size, or design of the property, we source high-quality construction materials to build dream homes for our customers. Our team will construct rooms and spaces that will reflect your personality and taste, while maximising the house’s functionality and full potential.

As one of the leading custom builders near Hampton, we are committed to offering highly durable housing solutions to our customers.


Once we have completed the construction process, we will take you on a final walkthrough around the home and pass over your new keys. We will guide you through your new home so you can see what our building team has done and how they have turned your ideas into reality.

After this, if you find any issues about the house, you can raise your concerns straight away so we can promptly rectify them before we officially handover the house to you.

Once you have seen everything and are happy with each aspect of your new house, we will finish the settlement and hand you the keys to you house you have been waiting for. After this, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your brand new luxury home.

Talk With Us Today, Get Started On Your Dream Home

You may have different requirements when planning your dream home. It could be knocking down your old home and building a brand-new home. You may want specific luxury home designs while planning your Hampton property. We are fully flexible to your requirements.

Call us on 1300 244 663 or leave us your message online to get a free detailed consultation from our team of experts. You can also visit our show homes and learn our construction standards.

Build Zone Map

Please Note:
Build zone subject to change.
Carter Grange may consider building outside the build zone subject to site inspection. Please feel free to ask.

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