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Custom homes are the choice for a significant percentage of people who prefer a unique living environment. With unique designs, additional functionalities, ample space, and outdoor living areas, you can ensure a tranquil living space for you and your family with custom homes.

Are you searching for high-quality luxury home builders near Essendon to convert your thoughts and ideas to your dream living space?

With a few decades of consistent quality services and luxury home designs for Essendon and other inner city Melbourne suburbs, we acquired the reputation as innovators of the residential home industry and have recently extended our build zone.

With a four-stage process, we will create your dream home by ensuring the harmonious balance of natural light, airflow, sustainability factors, and much more.


To start with, you will meet with one of our consultants who will speak to you so they can understand your exact requirements for your new home. After this, they will visit your block of land to help you figure out what the best type of home design would suit your block. Our consultant will explain all the details on the project budget and requirements. After you have approved the quote, your paperwork will be finalised and sent to our office.

As leading prestige home builders near Essendon, we will evaluate the restrictions and opportunities of your land. We will also conduct various surveys and tests to get comprehensive knowledge about your land and arrive at a conclusion on the council requirements.


We will meet and discuss with you to learn your requirements for the new home. How many rooms do you want? What is your preferred floor plan? Do you have any specific interior design preferences? What is your choice when it comes to exterior façade: contemporary, classic, modern, or any other?

At Carter Grange, we have a team of experienced architects and designers who can convert your complex requirements to simplified living solutions with their expertise. As a leading destination for custom home designs near Essendon, we take care of all the paperwork associated with the design.


After the design and the quote are approved, we will get the building permit and prepare for HIA building contract approval. As a leading custom home builder near Essendon, we know the legal procedures and how to make your dream home compliant to the council requirements.

Carter Grange build custom homes of all types, sizes, or designs around Essendon, and we ensure that our work is completed on time. We will source high-quality material from the leading suppliers of the construction industry, bring our trades, and start building your home.

You will also speak to an experienced site manager who will regularly inspect the property and update you on the progress throughout the duration of the project.


Once the construction stage is completed, and your property is ready to go, we will arrange a final walk with you through the property to ensure that your dream home has everything according to your expectations. We will then complete the settlement and hand over the keys so you can start enjoying a seamless living experience.

As premium custom builders near Essendon, we are focused on providing a superior service experience to our customers with proper communication, transparency, and flexibility to their requirements.

The house that Carter Grange has designed and built for you will completely unique and nothing like other houses in Essendon. Our team are highly confident that you love the house you will start calling home.

Talk To Our Team Today

Call us on 1300 244 663 or contact us online to speak with our designers and architects. They will give shape for your thoughts and concepts and help you to create your dream home.

You can also visit our display homes located throughout Melbourne to learn about our construction standards and get new ideas for creating your unique, dream home.

Build Zone Map

Please Note:
Build zone subject to change.
Carter Grange may consider building outside the build zone subject to site inspection. Please feel free to ask.

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