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Are you searching for reliable luxury home builders near Caulfield to make your dream home a reality?

Welcome to Carter Grange – the frontrunning custom home builders not only in Caulfield but throughout inner city Melbourne.

With 7+ years of architectural expertise and consistent quality home solutions, we specialise in designing and constructing homes of all sizes, designed to suit the specific needs of our clients.

The Process

We make a professional, long-term relationship with our customers and deliver the best for them by focusing on flexibility, quality, and reliability. With a four-stage process, we construct the home of your dreams and deliver it to you with zero hassles involved.


During the consultation, we will learn your requirements and collect a comprehensive picture of your land. As a leading builder of custom home designs near Caulfield, we will evaluate the opportunities and restrictions of your land and conduct soil tests, arborist reports, feature surveys, and much more.

This consultation also helps you to get a brief of the entire process, including the council and legal approvals. After doing this, we organise a feature survey and other necessary information so we can fully optimise your land.

If you want more information about the construction process or other aspects of creating your new house, Carter Grange are happy to answer any questions you have. We regularly communicate with our clients to ensure they get what they ask for.


Do you want a contemporary, classic, modern, or French provincial home? We can do them all. We will complete all the paperwork and finalise the design based on your requirements and inputs.


After you approve the designs and the quote, we will obtain the building permit and planning permit. We will also prepare the HIA building contract for approval from the council. Then, we move into full swing: bringing our trades, sourcing quality materials from our trusted suppliers, and begin construction as planned.


The custom house Carter Grange design and build for you will be unique and not like any other house in Caulfield. Our staff will work with you from the initial concept right through to the day we give you the keys.

Once the construction is completed, we will do a final walkthrough with you and ensure that you are very much happy with your new home. After this walkthrough, we will have a meeting with you where you can tell us about any concerns you have about the house. If there are any issues, we will correct them as soon as possible.

We are very confident that you will be more than satisfied with the house you will start calling home. If you are content with every facet of your new home, we will complete the settlement process and then hand over the keys to you and leave you to enjoy the rest of your days at your dream home.

Our Expertise Delivers Your Dream Home

At Carter Grange, we are a team of passionate experts with several years of expertise in offering luxury home solutions. As a leading custom builder near Caulfield, we strive to create modern housing solutions.

We employ the most reputable and skilled trades and suppliers as we are adamant about offering high-value solutions to our customers. Our industrial expertise helps us to offer sustainable homes, and we are focused on incorporating new technologies and methods to provide smart living solutions.

Let’s Make Your Dream Home

Call us today on 1300 244 663 or contact us online to discuss your requirements with us. You can also visit our show homes located in different localities in Melbourne. It can help you to learn our construction and design standards and give you more ideas for giving shape to your dream home.

Build Zone Map

Please Note:
Build zone subject to change.
Carter Grange may consider building outside the build zone subject to site inspection. Please feel free to ask.

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