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Most people want their dream home to satisfy their lifestyle aspirations within their budget and give a unique style statement.

Are you searching for trusted custom home builders near Brighton to combine your lifestyle aspirations and style requirements? Do you want individually designed luxury homes that ideally matches your imagination?

Welcome to Carter Grange.

Our prestige home builders near Brighton inspire our customers with purposeful and functional living solutions, regardless of your specific requirements. Looking to knock down and rebuild? We have the expertise to offer a comprehensive range of residential property solutions for people who want luxury and style at an affordable price.

End-To-End Service

As a leading custom home builder near Brighton, we offer a unified service from planning to interior design and construction.

This means that we become the number one destination for all your custom home design and construction requirements in Brighton. You will not need to deal with multiple companies for various services. Carter Grange will do it all.

We will recommend some design choices and options, and help you find the luxury home design that you are after. As a leading custom home builder near Brighton, our team communicate with our customers on a regular basis to provide them with a transparent service experience.

Also, your cumulative spending helps you to take advantage of the total costs compared to individual services and have great control over your budget.

A Four-Stage Process

Carter Grange have a standard four-stage process that is simple and stress free for our clients. This comprises of the following stages: consult, design, build, and handover.

Our premier luxury builders near Brighton will evaluate the restrictions and opportunities of your land and conduct various tests. Our team of experts will have multiple detailed discussions with you to understand your requirements.

After the design and the contract is finalised and approved, our team will begin construction by sourcing the high-quality building materials and bringing our trades to your land.

After completing the construction, we will invite you for a walkthrough of your new home. Once you are fully satisfied, we will finish the settlement and hand over the keys.

A Team Of Experts

At Carter Grange, we are a team of experts, including architects, engineers, interior designers, project managers, and much more. We are dedicated and committed to offering a unique, hassle-free experience to our customers.

We will work with you, provide you with design choices and options, and help you to choose the right luxury home designs that can enhance your initial concept. Our construction team use premium building materials and trades to get the job done.

As a leading custom home builder for Brighton East, we make regular communication with our customers and provide a transparent service experience.

Get The Consultation For Your Dream Home Today

Call us today on 1300 244 663 or contact us online to let us know your requirements. You can also visit our display homes located across Melbourne and see our construction and design standards.

Build Zone Map

Please Note:
Build zone subject to change.
Carter Grange may consider building outside the build zone subject to site inspection. Please feel free to ask.

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