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Dual Occupancy

Stylish and modern duplex designs in Metropolitan Melbourne.

Why Build a Dual Occupancy?

With Melbourne’s land prices at all time highs, many people want to explore what development is possible on their land and whether it makes sense to renovate, build new, build two.

A Dual Occupancy* solution is proving to be a great way to maximise the value of your land.

With two homes on your site, you maximise land usage, whilst also creating an investment opportunity.

We make building your new dual occupancy project stress-free.

The Carter Grange Solution

From initial design and planning, through to construction and landscaping, Carter Grange guides you through the process. Our designs are tailored to suit your particular site, lifestyle and budget.

Our industry experience offers you custom designs with the solutions, savings and security of an established builder.

Carter Grange Homes are large enough to matter, and small enough to care.

Our Approach

Our sales staff, project administrators and professional building team will listen, advise and guide you each step of the way.

Carter Grange’s duplex designs are guaranteed to stand out on Melbourne’s streets for all the right reasons.

What to Expect

1. Design, Quote and Feasibility

Together with our expert team, we will develop a design that maximises the opportunity of your site and provide a detailed build-quote for this design.

2. Planning

We will work with you, through the planning process.

From the initial application right though to achieving the planning permit.

3. Contract

Our designer specifications and high level look, feel and finish are built into our fixed price contracts

4. Construction

We will keep you fully informed with the progress of construction with weekly updates and regular site inspections.

Carter Grange is committed to customised design, best planning outcomes, a quality build and a great experience. .

Contact us for further information on how to realise your land’s development potential.

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Experience the Hudson – the epitome of modern dual occupancy design.

Or explore our custom dual occupancy homes portfolio.

* A dual occupancy development can also be known as multi-dwelling, duplex and “dual occ”.